18,000 Northumberland records added to FindMyPast


03 February 2023
Explore the baptism, marriage and burial of your Northumberland ancestors with new records at FindMyPast.

Northumberland baptisms

Over 13,000 new records have been added to this collection from six parishes across the county, spanning the years 1571-1847. While you’ll typically find both parents’ names and dates, you may also uncover the father’s occupation, residences, and even if the child is the firstborn, and so on.  

Explore here.

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Northumberland marriages

384 records have been added to this set, covering the years 1769-1771 and you can access these records here.

Northumberland burials and memorial inscriptions

86 new records have been added to Northuumberland burials (here), all for the Catholic church of Haggerston, Our Lady and St Cuthbert. 5,300 memorial inscriptions have been added to the Northumberland & Durham memorial inscriptions collection, covering seven burial grounds across both counties. Visit FindMyPast.

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