117,000+ redacted records opened on the 1939 Register of England and Wales


01 April 2022
FindMyPast have announced that more than 117,00 redacted records have been opened on the England & Wales 1939 Register, giving researchers the opportunity to find an ancestor on the eve of World War II.

Uncover an ancestor’s wartime occupation, where they were living, and even the person's full date of birth.

Each person’s record contains:

  • Name
  • Full date of birth
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Occupation 

Most people are recorded as a member of a household. Some people are recorded as a member of an institution. In this case, they are classified with one of 5 letters: O – Officer; V – Visitor; S – Servant; P – Patient ; I – Inmate.

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QUICK LINK: The 1939 Register at FindMyPast

Like the England and Wales censuses, for privacy reasons the record of an individual on the 1939 Register is only available once 100 years have elapsed. This latest release will therefore contain records of those born more than a century ago, together with a smaller number of unredacted records where someone has written in with proof to show that a person named on the register is now deceased and so the privacy rule no longer appeals. 

How do I search the 1939 Register?

You can search by name, address, year of birth, occupation or sex, and also by a 'general' or 'technical' search. 

Start exploring the 1939 Register at FindMyPast.

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