10,000 National School Admission Registers and Log Books added to FindMyPast


16 September 2022
Thousands of Yorkshire school records, plus Lincolnshire marriage records and memorial plans have been added to FindMyPast.

National School Admissions Registers and Log-Books 1870-1914 

New additions into this existing set cover around 10,000 records for Halifax and York in England. Now at over 9 million records, you might uncover which school your ancestor attended, details of their time there and parents’ names.

The full national collection comprises over seven million records available to search from 41 counties in England and Wales. Explore here.

Lincolnshire Marriages and Banns 

Covering 10 churches in the Isle of Axholme, the new records into this set stand at nearly 40,000. You can normally find an ancestor’s residence, some occupations and even the father’s occupation. Plus, in this collection, there are two separate entries for each marriage, one for each spouse. Explore here.

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Lincolnshire Monumental Inscriptions 

A further 65,636 records have been added into this collection, covering 129 churches and chapels over Lincolnshire and one in Nottinghamshire. These often give additional detail such as next of kin and the location of the burial. Explore here.

Image: Schoolboys arriving at school, showing different attitudes. Engraving by W. Ridgway after T. Webster. Copyright Wellcome Collection, public domain mark

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