#StoryOfOurStreet Local History Bingo Game

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Try our bingo game to test your local history knowledge

On Sale: 20/05/2020

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#StoryOfOurStreet Local History Bingo Game

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The ‘Story of our street’ challenge aims to help you trace the people and the past of the very place you live. And the goal of the ‘#StoryOfOurStreet – Local history bingo’ game is to ‘collect’ as many of the items listed on these worksheets as you can. First you may need to do some investigation to track them down, then – if possible – pay them a visit.

From almshouses, aqueducts and airfields, to windmills, war memorials and water pumps there is history all around us to explore. The #StoryOfOurStreet – Local history bingo’ features more than 70 ‘items’ to ‘collect’, and the worksheets include space for you to record notes about the history and your trip.


To find out about the items you need to track down, you will probably need to use a combination of online research, books, asking your neighbours, and getting out and exploring the area.

Think local. For each item, try and find the one that is nearest to your own home (but you can include those further away if you prefer).

There’s no time limit (and it’s not a competition – though it could be!). We hope you have fun exploring the history in your area and would love to hear from you with pictures of your discoveries.

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