How to Write Your Family History

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Want to share your family history findings with others? This practical work book will help you organise your family history notes, plan your writing, and give you tips on publishing and sharing your end result!

On Sale: 06/02/2020

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How to Write Your Family History

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What's in this Download?

Find all you need to write your family history in the ‘How to write your family history’ guide.

‘How to write your family history’ will take you from start to finish: from making those first notes about your ancestors’ lives, to learning more and interviewing relations, to planning your writing, putting pen to paper to write your family history, and finally publishing and sharing the final work.

Your ‘How to write your family history’ guide includes:

  • Mind maps – to brainstorm topics to write about
  • Family Tree chart – to keep track of the many people you might be writing about
  • Ancestor fact files – to note down what you know already about someone; and to identify what you still need to find out
  • Interview sheet – to record information about your relations’ lives
  • Planning sheet – to help you shape your notes and information into your written family history
  • Publishing checklist – to make sure you’re on track to share your finished family history with your family (and the world!)

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