September 2018

Your essential guide to family history online- everything you NEED to know, plus a masterclass on restoring old photos and how to find elusive kin on the census! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 31 Jul 2018

£4.99 Single Issue

Inside the September issue of Family Tree magazine you can enjoy:

- Your BUMPER GUIDE to family history online:

The wish to find out about your family history always begins with a question. That special something that you want to know about those who’ve come before you, that missing piece of the puzzle that you'd like to find about your own roots...

So, because the internet is such a very valuable resource for hunting for these family history clues, this issue we’ve got a bumper guide to help your research. Read it and discover how to:

1. Search smarter and trace that family story.
2. Learn new search hacks and make new discoveries.
3. Get the low-down on searching the major family history websites.


- Exploring the workhouse: Key records for finding poor ancestors 

- Treasuring your ancestors handmade heirlooms

- Missing from the census: How to find elusive kin

Lastly, you may notice something different this issue – our new look! Re-energised and packed as ever with know-how, advice and real-life tales, our revamp will provide you with fresh inspiration to find your family’s story.

We hope you enjoy!