October 2018

101 websites you NEED to be using, solutions for coping with a family history dilemma, plus free records worth £30! ... Read More >>

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Inside the October issue of Family Tree you can enjoy:

Top 101 websites for family history 

Find fascinating sites to explore in our 8-page pull-out directory to searching for family history online

Discover those essential sites for: census, certificates, old occupations, getting organised & much much more!

This is your must-search guide to successful online family tree research

To tell or not to tell?

Solutions for coping with a family history dilemma.

A professional researcher shares her experience and advice for dealing with sensitive family history situations

How to build a better genealogy website

Your step-by-step guide to having a great family history website to showcase your family’s story online

DNA tests demystified

Get the answers to important questions such as:

What do the ethnicity estimates actually mean?
My cousin has tested at a different DNA company to me! Now what?

My incredible mother line!

Investigating 8 generations of extraordinary females!

‘The story begins with my three-year old granddaughter Carmen …’

Your ancestors and the Black Death?

Find out who perished in the pandemics of yesteryear