November 2020

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Your second world war research guide, births, marriages & deaths problem solver, find your invisible ancestors, DNA workshop and more!

On Sale: 09/10/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the November 2020 issue :

  • Your second world war research guide

This year has seen some memorable WW2 anniversaries. Here Keith Gregson shares how he used family memorabilia and papers to trace his own parents’ war years. Plus explored and explained are the must-search online record collections to help you trace your family’s official military papertrail too

  • Births, marriages & deaths problem solver

Helen Tovey provides more than 30 websites to help you trace your ancestors’ BMDs, parish registers and adoptions in the family

  • Lost & found

Dr Diane Brook is passionate about the mysterious documents and historical artefacts that surprisingly often re-emerge, having been lost for centuries. She advises that this can happen to family history records too – so never give up hope!

  • Find your invisible ancestors

Open the door to the households of the past, with Adèle Emm, as she takes a close look at who might be missing from the historic records we often search and why this is so

  • Died at sea

A look at the Merchant Seaman Records of Death collection

  • In search my errant grandfather

Jackie Robinson’s hunt has taken her down many twisting paths, but she thinks now – many years later – she has it sorted!

  • DNA workshop

DNA advisor Karen Evans helps a reader trace his missing grandfather by unlocking the clues hidden in his genes

  • Family tree academy

This issue Family Tree tutor David Annal provides some succinct and useful hints to help us tackle Latin

  • Thoughts on…

Diane Lindsay considers herself a bit of a DNA dunce. We would totally disagree, especially as her recent discoveries have seen some very long-standing brickwalls come tumbling down...

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