October 2020

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Mayflower commemorative special issue: Celebrating the 400th anniversary of this iconic ship and the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed in her, seeking new lives and freedom in the New World. And lots more!

On Sale: 11/09/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the October 2020 issue of Family Tree magazine:

Escape into the world of family history this autumn with our Mayflower commemorative special issue

We’re celebrating the 400th anniversary of this iconic ship and the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed in her, seeking new lives and freedom in the New World.

Learn about the Mayflower story

- What motivated the Mayflower passengers to dream of new lives in a new world?

- What was the 66-day journey like across the Atlantic? What did they eat? What did they wear?

- Might you have ancestor connections to the Mayflower story?

- Discover tips and hints to trace your family in the 1600s!

Also inside this issue:

Discover genealogy without borders

- Expert genealogist Chris Paton explains ways to make connections with family around the globe and demonstrates how this will help you make many more family history discoveries.

Do your DNA results show countries in Africa?

- Dr Penny Walters looks at how to make sense of your DNA results and how to begin understanding the family history behind your DNA ethnicity estimates.

Time for a tidy up!

- Genealogy techy guru Paul Carter shares very useful ideas for tidying up your family history records on your computer. Follow his easy steps and get your research organised this autumn.

Seeking a Victorian portrait

- Meg Lee is on the quest to find the long-lost portrait of pioneer in the early life and establishment of Melbourne, Australia. Might you be able to help her find this heirloom?

Get to grips with reading old handwriting

- Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal shares some useful hints to help you make sense of the records you find.

What do you think?

- Our DNA advisor Karen Evans has been scouring the newspapers to try to make sense of some curious DNA results.

Dear Paul’s Genealogical Miscellanies

- Paul Chiddicks has excelled himself this issue in the search for family history research oddities – with a chap called to identify his own body in a morgue. We ask you, whatever next?

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