July 2023

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Why did our ancestors move to the British Isles? In the light of the upcoming 75th anniversary of the arrival of Windrush at Tilbury in 1948, Chris Paton examines the many reasons why our ancestors set sail bound for Britain ADVICE TO HELP YOU BECOME A BETTER FAMILY HISTORIAN

On Sale: 09/06/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Discover the six hats method for genealogy
Dr Sophie Kay is passionate about research rigour and here she explains how to utilise the six hats method for more considered and reliable analysis of your findings

Clandestine marriages analysed
Academy tutor David Annal provides details of these irregular nuptials

Get writing; get published
Author and family historian Dr Simon Wills shares advice on writing family articles

Genealogy Gadgets: How I run my blog
Blogger Joanna Heath shares her views on writing and creating a family history blog

Photo corner
Jayne Shimpton analyses a selection of pictures from the past


94% European; 6% African
Yetunde Abiola shares thoughts on researching your DNA and the African diaspora

'Left to die'
Inspired by a photo in Family Tree, reader Deborah Pugh traced the history of a WW2 convoy crew

Gardeners of Worsley
Adèle Emm traces the lives of 8 Edwardian lads who once worked at Worsley


How to create a Quick and Dirty Tree
DNA advisor Karen Evans is on hand to help a reader, plus shows how and why a quick and dirty tree may be just the thing you need to move your DNA research on a page

Gill Shaw thinks she may know why her Joseph always had a full house...

Tell your story
Discover a new AI tool to help you: get Storied!

Soundtrack of their lives
Charlotte Soares invites you to tune into the audioscape of your ancestors

Thoughts on...
Diane Lindsay’s shares her views – saying ‘no’ to notifications...

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