July 2021

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! This issue Dr Anna Maria Barry takes a trip back to the excursions and holidays enjoyed by our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors. But it’s not all play! Family Tree Academy Tutor David Annal has some tips to help you assess the records with a critical genealogical eye and so improve your research skills; Dr Colin Chapman reports on the lesser-known stories of WW1 German Prisoner of War escapees; Dr Simon Wills reflects on the catastrophic impact of cholera on our ancestors’ lives, and the comparison with our pandemic experiences today.

On Sale: 11/06/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the July 2021 issue:

The Victorian & Edwardian seaside
Dr Anna Maria Barry takes a trip back in time and explores the seaside excursions of our ancestors in the 1800s & early 1900s

Escapes from WW1 POW Camps in Britain
Dr Colin Chapman sheds light on a little-known aspect of First World War research & the successful escapees

Spotlight on... The North Liverpool Academy
Genealogist Ian Mooney has recruited a team of enthusiastic young researchers. Read about their impressive findings

Covid v. Cholera
Dr Simon Wills looks at the impact of a deadly 19th-century disease and compares our ancestors’ situation with our own recent pandemic experiences

If by chance...
A sense of genealogical deja vu sets reader Ann Larkham on a fascinating path of discovery

The First Edwardians
Steve Roberts is passionate about the royals of yesteryear and here he investigates the diverse reigns of Kings Edward I, II and III

DNA Workshop
Unidentified fathers, cousins you don’t DNA match with, and a curiosity about your erstwhile Irish origins: DNA adviser Karen Evans is here to help you unpick the story of your genes

Mind the Gaps
Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal explains how to study the records to help you find what is there, and also to be aware of what is missing

Plus: your questions, your letters, and exciting events to look forward to from the worlds (virtual and real) of family history.

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