February 2021

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Top tips from leading genealogist Chris Paton on ways to share your family history online and reasons why you really should. Find out more in the February issue of Family Tree and get your family history off to a super-charged start in 2021. Happy New Family History Year!

On Sale: 08/01/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the February 2021 issue:

  • Sharing your family history online

Chris Paton shares the many ways to share research and collaborate online


  • Gathering evidence of disease & disaster in our forebears’ times

Wayne Shepheard looks at some very familiar records and reveals how to read them for evidence of epidemics, environmental catastrophes & more in order to better understand our ancestors' lives


  • Tracing the coastal trades of our ancestors

With a 19,491 mile long shoreline around the British Isles, many of our ancestors worked at the coast. Adèle Emm explores what they got up to


  • The Family Tree Academy

Learn all about wills for England and Wales, with David Annal's insightful, practical advice


  • Are you ready to connect with the world?!

RootsTech Connect is just weeks' away. We take a look at the awesome organisation behind this global genealogy event, with tips on how you can start growing your worldwide family tree today


  • Parish registers: a mini timeline history

Helen Tovey takes a looks at the evolving collection of parish registers and sees how they can help us trace 5 centuries of family history


  • The lunchhour genealogist

This month Rachel Bellerby's snack-size learning includes Post Office Appointment Books

  • Twiglets

A new year, and a new branch of genealogy diarist Gill Shaw's tree is just waiting to be investigated


  • Dear Paul & Tom

This issue Paul Chiddick's crop of genealogical quixotities include some Cupid-inspired ancestral names


  • Books

New year, new books - what will you treat your bookshelf to in 2021?


  • Your DNA workshop

Karen Evans helps reader Peter work out whether his DNA results match up with his family tree


  • Your questions

Our experts help to solve some puzzling research predicaments


  • Subs club

Exclusive subscriber offers and the new Family Tree Study Club – there's still time to join!


  • New year resolution #1

A rueful reminder from Diane Lindsay about something we really all should be doing with our family history

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