August 2023

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You never know which genealogy research skills or know-how you will need next when researching your ancestors’ lives. In the August issue of Family Tree we have a wealth of information to enrich your investigations whatever the next step you need to take. From DNA to historic documents we will help you master the skills and discover the strategies to search smarter, dig deeper and find the stories of your ancestors’ lives…

On Sale: 14/07/2023

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Where will your family history journey take you?


Where did they move… & Why?
Chris Paton looks at some of the reasons people left the British Isles to live and work across the globe


Living a day in the life of our Victorian rural ancestors
Researching social history and family history: Jayne Shrimpton explores the evocative record of village life in the late 1800s as found within the pages of Lark Rise to Candleford


Finding clues in Death & Burial records
Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal works with key end of life records and demonstrates the clues that we may… or may not… expect to find.


Making sense of DNA research

Have you found NO useful DNA matches for a particular branch of your family tree? Dr Sophie Kay is on hand to help with four practical strategies to up your DNA game.


Discovering: What does family history do for you?
Gain insights to just some of the amazing health and well-being benefits of doing family history. In her brand new series Emma Jolly investigates the positive impact of family history on people of all ages today



News, reviews, reader stories, questions, letters and photos for dating.

Lastly – what do you do?
Diane Lindsay’s shares her views...on the joy of sharing her research, even when it has cost her much time
& money. How do you handle this situation?

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