August 2021

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In this issue of Family Tree we explore FamilySearch, the world’s largest free family history website. Packed with billions (literally) of genealogical records and a free online tree builder, plus research guides to help you trace people from 250 countries around the globe! FamilySearch also has a free app so you can keep your family history with you wherever you go…

On Sale: 09/07/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Discover 20 things you need to learn about Family Search
The world’s largest free family history website – packed with 6 billion-plus records, a family tree with more than a billion people, and more than 95,000 free online family history research guides…

Console yourself with an exploration of Key 20th century Scottish resources
While we might be itching to get our hands on the 1921 Census, Chris Paton reminds us that there is plenty to keep us busy until then

Have a laugh with Dear Paul
And join Paul Chiddicks in ‘The Name Game’ and delve into a marvellous mixture of monikers and a puppy who literally ate the records!

What do you think about this…?
Cousins & co-researchers Ann Crichton-Harris and John Pollard investigate haunting unanswered questions about their kinsman Josiah Henry Harris.

Trade directories – a beginner’s guide
Dr Simon Wills turns back the pages to reveal name, place & old occupation clues

What we learned on the DNA Bootcamp
DNA Detective Michelle Leonard reflects on the first-ever Bootcamp. And don’t worry – you didn’t miss out. There’s a new one starting soon.

Study with the Family Tree Academy: this month we look at 19th c naval records
Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal presents a rich range of records and how to use them

The Online Genealogical Index
Indexer-in-chief Tim Manners intriguingly describes his inventions as a 'Genealogy Sat Nav'

The SVG Family-Tree Generator
Learn how to create your own online family tree with software developer & genealogist Tony Proctor’s innovative free program

“An honest and respectable man…” so read the obit of her ancestor. Gill Shaw asks some searching questions and makes some heart-warming discoveries

Lastly, “To prune, or not to prune?”
That is the question: what should Diane Lindsay do with her flourishing tree?

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