April 2021

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Dig deeper into your family story this spring with our inspiring collection of genealogy topics to learn more about. From surname sleuthing skills, to taking your first steps on the DNA hunt for clues, to investigating the knotty question of ‘how many ancestors really did work on the land?’ Expand your family history knowledge horizons when you read Family Tree.

On Sale: 12/03/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the April 2021 issue:

  • Changing surnames

A guide to surname research with One-Name Study expert Wayne Shepheard, reflecting on how and why someone may wish to change their name

  • Discovering DNA: a starter guide

Professional Genealogist Michelle Patient introduces the basics of DNA for family history research

  • Finding facts in fiction

Genealogist and fiction fan, Kim Cook, shows how a well-chosen novel can teach us much about our ancestors' worlds

  • My ancestors were all ‘Ag Labs’... or were they?

Christine Jackson digs deeper into her family history to investigate the real nature of her forebears’ lives and occupations

  • Spotlight on...

Rob White reports on the Family & Community Historical Research Society

  • Cricketer ancestors

At the start of the cricket season, Dr Simon Wills harks back to professional cricketing ancestors or times past

  • Family Tree Academy

This month Family Tree Academy tutor takes a look at the many other probate records that exist beyond wills

  • Books

Helen Tovey & Rachel Bellerby share a round-up of useful family history related tomes to take in

  • Dear Paul

Ever on the look out for genealogical curiosities, Paul Chiddicks is here to entertain us with his discoveries

  • Your DNA Workshop

Karen Evans helps a reader who is perplexed by her DNA ethnicity estimates

  • Your questions

Our experts help to solve some puzzling research predicaments

  • Diary dates

Essential family history dates for your diary coming up this Spring

  • The lunchhour genealogist

Rachel Bellerby’s snack-size learning helps you feast on genealogy in just a few minutes

  • The story behind the pictures

Jonas Sjoberg sheds light on his unusual collection of pictures, and the stories from the past that they reveal

  • Twiglets

Gill Shaw’s genealogy trail continues apace…

  • Letters

A few gems from the FT mailbag

  • Getting started

A miniature guide to starting your family history

  • Subs Club

Exclusive subscriber offers and how to join the Family Tree Study Club

  • Thoughts on…

Diane Lindsay has been tinkering with her precious family photos



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