Family Tree Magazine reviews of some of our favourite genealogy & family history websites ...

Don't miss our top free tech tips for family historians

Discover 3 of the best free gadgets, web tools and apps for genealogists


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Discover lesser-known websites offering a treasure trove of family history gems

Explore three websites offering wonderfully rich collections of original family history documents and photographs. ...


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Pre-Victorian family history research is very rewarding

Taken your family history back to the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign? Follow your roots even further back in ...


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Explore archives online

From war diaries to historical maps and directories, here are 3 of our favourite free digital archive projects ...


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A seaman from World War I

Start researching your Royal Navy ancestors today with our guide to 3 of the best free websites for family history ...


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The Young Apprentice

Trying to find your ancestors who were apprenticed? Discover our 3 top websites & start exploring today. ...


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Get internet-savvy with our great guide

Follow our 3 fantastic web tips & tricks for successful family history research. ...


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Early 19th century map of Scotland

Discover the top three genealogy websites to help you find and research the working lives of your Scottish ...


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Name rich genealogy records

The more names we collect as family historians, the more ancestors we can investigate and the bigger and better ...


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Maps are very useful for genealogists

Maps can provide all sorts of clues to help family historians trace their ancestors' journeys through life. ...


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Top three free websites for family history

Looking for free genealogy websites to start your family history journey? Don't miss our three hand-picked sites ...


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Tracing your Welsh ancestors

Tracing your Welsh roots? Then don't miss our guide to the best free genealogy websites for your research ...


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