Top free websites for organising your family history


28 June 2016
imac-605421_640.jpg-84367.jpeg Keep notes in the cloud
Discover how to organise your family history records with these top three websites

Discover how to organise your family history records with these top three websites. Using these free online tools you’ll find it so much easier to keep your growing collection of family history findings in order, plus create genealogy to-do lists, share your resources & much more...

Now with swifter internet connections, storing your records in the cloud is a realistic and helpful approach to keeping your family history safe. Cloud storage enables you to readily create a remote back-up – should your computer or device get stolen or lost your records will still be accessible online.

Whether it’s copies of historical documents, photos you’ve taken while out and about, videos you’ve recorded of family and places and more – all these can be readily stored on one of the many free online storage providers. This is particularly helpful for archiving records when you’re on a genealogy roadtrip, meaning also that you can delete them from your device if you’re running out of memory card space, for instance.

Storing your family history in the cloud makes it quick and easy to share research with family members. Choose to share family photos for a family gathering, or a selection of records with a fellow family genealogist so that you can brainstorm a family research mystery.

To-do lists features, online mapping tools, research note web clippers, and slide show creators are just a few of the many tools on offer from these extremely useful free websites. If you wish to increase your storage capacity or get additional tools there are paid-for subscriptions available for these websites too, but in the meantime you can explore and use them for free.

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Try these websites for free:

Evernote –

OneNote –

Google Drive –

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