Kitchener's Mob


30 June 2016
Kitchener's-Mob-88606.jpg Kitchener's Mob
The New Army to the Somme by Peter Doyle and Chris Foster

We all know the famous Kitchener WW1 poster, calling men to arms. These recruits were encouraged to sign up with friends, neighbours and colleagues to fight together. And when they died together the shockwaves shattered communities.

This book concentrates on the journey of those men who answered the call, and ended up serving in the New Army on the Somme in July 1916 – remembering the high price they paid, and the devastating impact on the places they left behind them.

Starting at the beginning of the war, Doyle and Foster tell the full story of the recruitment process, from Kitchener’s first call for 100,000 men in 1914, and subsequent campaigns, looking at the big picture of the development of the British Army in the early years of the war. They then go to look at those precise and precious details that we treasure when trying to understand more about our ancestors’ experiences. Realise what it felt like to have signed up, but not yet have a proper uniform. See how they trained, swiftly gaining the skills to fight at the Front. Learn about the beautifully made Pals battalion badges and mementoes made by industrial cities, so proud of their local recruits. Filled with evocative photos of soldiers and military memorabilia, Kitchener’s Mob is a poignant and valuable read.

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ISBN: 9780750964951. RRP £25 hardback. The History Press.