Unlock the power of stories – RootsTech encourage everyone to share inspiring tales of ordinary people


27 November 2023
RootsTech, the world’s largest genealogy conference has launched a social media challenge to share stories of the past, present, and future in the hope of inspiring others to discover their own family stories.

The theme of 2024 RootsTech (which members of the Family Tree team will be attending) is "Remember." With this theme, RootsTech aims to inspire individuals worldwide to remember and share the precious moments and people that shape their lives. 

How do I take part?

1. Find any photos or videos and simply put together a post to share what your family (past, present, or future) means to you. 

2. Select the audio "Out of Time" featuring Ellie Barry, RootsTech, on any social media platform to use in your post. 

3. Tag RootsTech social media accounts in your post. 

4. Add the hashtag #rootstech2024 and #remember to your post's caption. 

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For inspiration, watch RootTech’s six-minute ‘Your story is more important thank you think’ video here.

Image © Anna Logvinova, CCASA 3.0