Top 40 family history books


08 January 2024
We would love to hear what your favourite family history books are. As part of the Family Tree magazine 40th birthday celebrations throughout 2024 we are creating a list of the top family history related books of all time, as voted by family historians.

How to tell us your favourites

To tell us your favourite family history books of all time, please click here

• Please list as many book titles as you wish (providing title and author for each), up to a maximum of 40 titles.
• The books can be written specifically for family historians or just be of interest and use to family historians.
• They may be works of fact or fiction, current or classic, reference works, guides, workbooks, manuals, finding aids, histories, biographies etc.
i.e. as long as they are a printed or digital family history relevant book of use to family historians in the course of doing their family history they qualify to be entered.
• The survey will close 31 August 2024.
Details of the top 40 books will be published in the November 2024 issue of Family Tree & on the Family Tree website

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