Thomas Cook organises the first package tour - On this day in history


05 July 2016
1024px-Thomas_Cook_Building,_Leicester,_panels-55854.jpg Thomas Cook panels
Thomas Cook organised the first package tour on 5 July 1841

On this day in history, 1841: Thomas Cook organises the first package tour. It was while walking to attend a Temperance Society meeting, that the idea for organised excursions came to his mind. Over the years to follow Thomas ran numerous trips for fellow tee-totallers and Sunday School children, taking a cut of the railway ticket fees, and arranging accommodation. He even went on to arrange trips around Europe. Perhaps one of your ancestors took a Cook’s tour – we’d love to hear if they did!

Pictured: Thomas Cook building sculpture, showing the early railway trip roots to this giant travel company.

Image: published under the Creative Commons Licence 3.0 unported.

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