The Battle of Bannockburn ends - On this day in history


24 June 2016
24-June-Battle_of_Bannockburn_-_Bruce_addresses_troops-50396.jpg Robert the Bruce address troops
The Battle of Bannockburn during the First War of Scottish Independence ended on 24 June 1314

On this day in history, 1314: The Battle of Bannockburn during the First War of Scottish Independence ends with a landmark victory over the English by Scottish forces led by the King of the Scots, Robert the Bruce.

The chorus of Scotland's unofficial national anthem, Flower of Scotland, refers to Scotland's victory at Bannockburn. 

You can learn more about the battle at Bannockburn Visitor Centre, run by The National Trust for Scotland, at

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Think you might have Bannockburn ancestors? Check out the University of Strathclyde’s Bannockburn Genetic Genealogy Project at