Ten Facebook pages for history


10 August 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-08-15-at-14.20.13-39363.png Facebook pages for history
Discover 10 Facebook pages for all social media savvy history lovers

Social media has taken over as the fastest way to gain information with the introduction of instant messaging and the ability to immediately share photos becoming hugely popular to the masses. Facebook can be used as a source of information too, if you know where to look of course. More specifically, it can be used as a convenient tool for experts to share their knowledge and learn more about the past. From animals to ancestry, Charlotte Olver takes a look at 10 Facebook pages for all social media savvy history lovers.

1 Victoria and Albert museum

This is the official Facebook page for London’s popular museum of decorative arts and design. With posts written by experts in their field, the page promotes awareness of ongoing events in the museum's calendar alongside particularly interesting days in history. One of its most recent posts celebrates 150 years since Beatrix Potter’s birth. This is an example of what sets this page aside, as its varied interests in fashion, photography and engineering can keep the reader interested alongside videos, photographs and links to other websites for further information for those with a greater interest.

Go to: facebook.com/victoriaandalbertmuseum

2 Natural History Museum

This regularly updated page is sure to keep you interested and provides the latest news with regards to animals and wildlife. This page is justifiably popular with just less than 400,000 likes, frequent posts and many events being run, particularly over holiday periods. However, the most striking thing on this page has to be the professional photographs; the warm colours entice you to read more and maybe even to visit the museum with 50 million items and 5 main collections to cover. They encourage Facebook users to get involved with trending topics such as ‘mineral Monday’, ‘taxonomy Tuesday’ and ‘fossil Friday’.

Go to: facebook.com/naturalhistorymuseum

3 The British Library

The British Library mainly concentrates on classic literature in its posts, from old and new it recommends books to suit a large readership. The home of some of the oldest documents such as William Shakespeare’s first folio, it is one of the best places to look for all kinds of information throughout history. The Facebook page is always being updated with new snippets of information for the avid Facebook user’s enjoyment.

Go to: facebook.com/britishlibrary

4 The National Archives

Situated in Kew, The National Archives contains 1,000 years of British history on record available for anyone to read. It deals in facts, showing pictures of recorded information mainly to do with changes in law, records beginning in the medieval period and a collection of maps to name a few. You can also keep up to date with the many events planned to extend your historical knowledge.

Go to: facebook.com/TheNationalArchives

The British Museum

From the Bloomsbury area of London, The British museum’s interactive page tests the knowledge of social media users asking them to comment, guessing the name and function of various artefacts. It is also involved with the latest craze ‘PokemonGo’ encouraging players to come along to locate Pokemon while also taking the time to learn something new.

Go to: facebook.com/britishmuseum

6 The National Trust

The National Trust makes it its business to conserve many beautiful landmarks and historical buildings. Readers can find many new places worth a visit that may be nearby. The page wouldn’t be the same without the professional photos to prove the attraction of historical Britain.

Go to: facebook.com/nationaltrust

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7 International Slavery Museum

This page reminds us of the horrendous events that occurred during the time when racism was at its peak and certain groups were forced to spend their lives in enslavement. Positioned on Albert Dock, Liverpool, The International Slavery Museum ensures we will never forget the treatment that many generations had to endure. It also promotes awareness for current issues such as human trafficking and the issues surrounding the refugee crisis.

Go to: facebook.com/International-Slavery-Museum-317641006820

8 BBC Archive

The BBC with its endless supply of footage from over the years gets involved with the historical trending topic ‘on this day’ to post many clips from the huge collection in its archive to celebrate historical moments or events it has had the pleasure of capturing.

Go to: facebook.com/BBCArchive

9 The National Gallery

The National Gallery houses many well-known works of art from many accomplished artists, for example Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. Its experts post both popular and more obscure paintings to expand your awareness of art over the centuries.

Go to: facebook.com/thenationalgallery

10 Victorian History

A collection of old photographs, paintings and fashion during the Victorian era. As well as this, it shares informative articles about the period. For those who are interested in how your Victorian ancestors lived, this page might be for you!

Go to: facebook.com/VictorianEraHistory