Society of Genealogists Announces New Premises


07 November 2022
"Third time lucky," says Dr Wanda Wyporska, CEO Society of Genealogists. The Society is now very pleased to announce that they will be moving into their new premises in Wharf Road, London, in the summer of 2023.

The Society of Genealogists today announced that it had purchased Unit 2, 40 Wharf Road, London, N1 7GS.

The temporary situation

The Society had sold its previous premises at Charterhouse Buildings several years ago and finally vacated the site in October 2021, having packed up its immense holdings into storage temporarily.

The organisation has been operating out of temporary offices in the old Jones Brothers Department Store on Holloway Road, with a retrieval system and visits which can be booked on Wednesdays. It has also continued to welcome its valued volunteer team to the site on Fridays.

The premises

The new site will require a fit-out and it is estimated that the Society will re-open at the site in the Summer of 2023. 
Dr Wanda Wyporska, Chief Executive, Society of Genealogists, said:

“It’s been a long time coming, but we are delighted that it is third time lucky for the Society. It has been extremely difficult to find the right venue for all our needs, and this was the third attempt to purchase the right premises.

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"I want to thank all our members, staff and volunteers for being so patient and for the support they have continued to give in so many areas.

"We very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to a new refreshed and revitalised Society in 2023. New premises are just one part of the ambitious transformation programme that we’ve been undertaking over the past eighteen months. 

“The Society also hopes to welcome partners in the genealogy community, academics, local, family and social historians through its doors. We are looking forward to holding another youth conference as well as a conference exploring African and Caribbean disaporas in September as part of the events marking Windrush 75. Our ambition is for this building to become a destination venue, where we shall hold exhibitions, conferences, courses and continue to promote genealogy and family history.”