Rootstech round-up for 2013


24 March 2013
brits-300x225-39856.png The Brits at Rootstech 2013!
Here's Alec Tritton's account of the final day at Rootstech 2013. Day three of Rootstech and I'm blaming the four

Here's Alec Tritton's account of the final day at Rootstech 2013.

Day three of Rootstech and I'm blaming the four inches of snow on the car for being late but it also might have something to do with the early start here. The keynote lecture started at 8.30 but not a problem, in the US there seems to be no problem walking in and out of lectures at anytime - so if a lecture is not for you, you can always leave!

Unfortunately the 2,000 youngsters failed to materialise, granted there were a few, but nothing like the number expected. Perhaps it might have had something to do with the tattoo exhibition in the adjacent expo hall. Doesn't seem right to have all these goths and walking picture-books in the heart of Mormon country.

Today I found a couple of great lectures bringing technology and genealogy together. I finally got my head around how to use Pinterest for family history and went to a very engaging session on how to make family history ebooks. Gave me a great idea to turn my London burial ground walks into free ebooks instead of a handout.

Took another turn around the Expo hall and found a Facebook game on family history! I suppose it will help to engage the younger generation in family history. The game is Family Village and with no real advertising they have had over 250,000 downloads and have 60,000 regular users every month. I understand that findmypast have also launched one. The lecture on the Library of Alexandria Rule made me realise that the best way of ensuring your family history research survives you is to get the next generation involved; perhaps this is the way to do this.

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Two more interviews about the Halsted Conference with Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems and Drew Smith of the Genealogy Guys podcasts, just time for a photo opportunity with the other Brits and sadly the conference was at an end.

Still it was a great opportunity to meet with old friends and meet some new ones. Staying for one more day to hit the shopping malls if I can move after meeting a dozen or so fellow genealogists for Sunday brunch at the Grand America Hotel - supposed to be the best in Salt Lake!

Would I come again - you bet!

Perhaps gaming is the way to hook youth into family history? 

Family Tree are very grateful to Alec for his coverage of Rootstech - hope you've enjoyed the write-ups - we certainly have.

And for a family history conference closer to home, don't miss Exodus 2013 being held this September in Leicestershire, UK. With an expert-packed programme, this is going to be a three-day treat. For further details see

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