RootsTech 2023 summary


06 March 2023
The Family Tree team report from their recent visit to RootsTech 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With more than 3 million virtual attendees around the world, and a crowd of tens of thousands of visitors, this year's RootsTech brought plenty of product launches and innovations.

An amazing 345,574 people from 197 different countries took advantage of the Relatives at RootsTech, connecting with others who share the same ancestors.

The shared surname tool from RootsTech allows researchers from anywhere in the world to enter their own surname and that of a friend or relative to discover in which countries those two names are most likely to occur together.

Here's our round-up of news from the show:

Ancestry announced the launch of Storymaker Studio, a new suite of tools on the Ancestry app designed to make it easier to create and share ancestral stories. Enhance photos, capture audio and craft and share stories. Find out more at Ancestry.

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RootsMagic 9 The new version of RootsMagic (9) is now out. Find out more at on the RootsMagic YouTube channel

Storied Discover the new family story-telling social network. Create stories free. Learn more in the online tutorials in the Storied booth at RootsTech.


  • MyHeritage launched a free new feature that accurately estimates familial relationships between DNA Matches. For every DNA Match, cM Explainer™ offers detailed predictions of possible relationships between the two people and the respective probabilities of each relationship. It also determines their most recent common ancestor, and displays a diagram showing their relationship path. Find out more here.

Don't forget, you can continue to enjoy RootsTech over the coming year by creating your own personal playlist of talks and tutorials. Get started here

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