Rare early truncheon collection to go under the hammer this week


14 February 2022
Crown terminal of George III turned and painted truncheon
Dreweatts auctioneers have announced they will be featuring an 'extremely rare' and unusual collection of early truncheons at their interiors auction on 16 February 2022.

Dreweatts explain that truncheons were used before official police forces were founded and those before the 1880s are considered 'exceptionally rare and are therefore highly prized and sought-after'.

The majority of the highly decorated pieces were seen in the 18th century and often featured coats of arms, motifs, symbols and emblems connected to their owner and the region that the owner was from. 

George III turned and painted truncheon

While these highly decorated, predominantly Victorian defence pieces are seen on the market occasionally, “It is very rare to have such an extensive selection of them together”, states Ashley Matthews, specialist at Dreweatts.

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Auction details

The seller of the collection, a private collector who has curated it over many years, said: “It was the more unusual, interesting and scarcest of pieces that I sought, as well as those in the finest condition. I also wanted the broadest range of examples for the collection.”

There are truncheons from all across the country with details pertaining to their relevant owner, bearing coats of arms and initials and decorations added to personalise them. They run from lots 506-555 in the Interiors sale and each has its own backstory.

The auction takes place from 15-16 Royal Crescent, Bath. Find out more at the Dreweatts website.