Railway HistoryForUkraine


29 March 2022
Hot on the heels of HistoryForUkraine (26-27 March), Railway HistoryForUkraine will be going live 4pm BST Wed 30th March. Tune into enjoy this 6-hour speakathon & donate to the British Red Cross Society

Discover the full programme for #railwayhistoryforUkraine: https://historyforukraine.co/satellite-events/

There is no charge to view the talks but donations for the British Red Cross Society's DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal are extremely gratefully received.

HistoryForUkraine aired live noon UK time Sat 26 March for a 24 hour speakathon, with recordings made available to viewers for 48 hours after the closing live presentation. During these few days a total of £48,205 funds have been raised. This is thanks to the generosity of the speakers, hosts and volunteers giving their time and viewers donating generously. To find out about the speakers and volunteers see: https://historyforukraine.co/speakers-and-volunteers/

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The Railway HistoryForUkraine livestream event 4pm-10pm BST Wed 30th March provides us all with the opportunity to donate further and raise this achievement. Find out more at https://historyforukraine.co/satellite-events/ - this is the link you need to click through to watch the livestream on 30th March and to donate.