Price rises on BMD certificates for England & Wales May 2024


31 May 2024
General Register Office birth marriage death certificate price rise May 2024 Family Tree In May 2024 the General Register Office raised the prices of paper, pdf and jpeg birth, marriage and death certificates
The General Register Office (GRO) certificate ordering website has recently (late May 2024) implemented new prices, following a brief site closure for maintenance.

What are the new prices for birth, marriage and death certificates?

On re-opening the prices for ordering had risen for:
• paper certificates, from £11 to £12.50;
• pdfs, from £7 to £8;
• jpegs, from £2.50 to £3.
The current availability of certificates is that you may order:
• pdfs or jpegs of births from 1837 up to 100 years ago (with the century closure period for the most recent 100 years to protect people’s privacy); pdfs or jpegs of deaths 1837-1957. No marriages are available as pdfs or jpegs.
The paper certificates, pdfs and jpegs are all certificated copies of the original GRO register entries and so all contain the same information and serve the same purpose from a family history research point of view.
BMD certificates can be ordered from the General Register Office

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Have the prices risen of birth, marriage and death certificates risen for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

The costs for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland currently remain as they were:
• Scotland
• Republic of Ireland
• Northern Ireland up until 1922 and thereafter.

How much do birth, marriage and death certificates cost from local register offices in England and Wales?

As of May 2024, £12.50 is the standard price.