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24 January 2019
Peter-Christian-43362.jpg Peter Christian
Useful online family history sources for maps & property


Useful online family history sources for maps & property

Peter Christian will be speaking on ‘Online sources for property and taxation’ and ‘London Maps Online’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Peter Christian’s Friday talk:

‘Online sources for property and taxation’

A look at the wide variety of records available online for ownership or occupation of land or a house.

Beyond civil registration, parish and census records there are few genealogical sources that cover a significant percentage of the population. But property and property-based taxation and electoral records name all those who own, or even just rent, property over a certain value. These sources can not only provide information on wealth and social status but even point to specific buildings or pieces of land owned or occupied by an ancestor.

This talk will look at the range of property-related records available online, to help you discover more about your ancestors from the Middle Ages to 1918, and to unearth the information they can provide for your family history.


Introducing Peter Christian’s Saturday talk:

‘London Maps Online’

A look at the many online maps of the capital of use to the family historian because they show named streets and buildings.

Historical maps of London are often rare and can usually be found only in major reference libraries, where they are impracticable to copy. The internet, however, has revolutionised access, with many maps available in high-resolution scans, which can be printed or downloaded, and Peter Christian’s presentation will demonstrate how to use these digitised resources to enrich your research.

This talk will review the main websites for London historical maps, and look at the range of online maps of use to family historians:

The most useful maps of the whole capital, from the 17th to the 20th centuries

Special-purpose maps showing information such as parish boundaries

Detailed plans of local areas, such as ward and insurance maps.


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These talks are for you if you’d like to learn more about the places your ancestors once dwelt and discover the records to help you do so.

Suitable for all levels of family history researcher.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Peter Christian will be speaking about

‘Online sources for property and taxation’ at 13.00 on Friday 26 April 2019

‘London Maps Online’ at 10am on Saturday 27 April 2019


Mini bio:

Peter Christian, author of the best-selling The Genealogists Internet, has been lecturing on using the Internet for family history for over 20 years.


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