Old photos don’t have to die. This new software won’t let them


17 July 2020
Want to preserve your old family photos? There is a way to do it yourself without costly professionals.

How many hours have you spent examining your family archive, looking at the pictures of your forebears, running your finger across multiple cracks and rips? Sadly, the more time passes, the deeper the cracks become and the more faded the images grow. Don’t want to see the faces of those who came before you to disappear? Then consider restoring your old photos. 

What is old photo restoration in a nutshell? It is a way for you to get rid of the rips and creases and boost dull colours to make your pictures look new. Yes, a way for you. You no longer need a professional for this, because now you can repair your old pictures yourself. All you need is PhotoGlory, powerful yet easy photo restoration software. 

At first glance

If the idea of having to learn some new software scares you, it’s understandable, but in case of PhotoGlory quite ungrounded. This photo restoration program was developed for people of every skill, so takes virtually no time to master. PhotoGlory sports a clear minimalistic interface, which makes the workflow quite intuitive. See for yourself:

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Repair tools for days

Perhaps, the most common issues with old photos are the defects. Stains, tears, wrinkles, scratches - you name it. PhotoGlory offers instruments to remedy all of them. First off, there is a crop tool that allows you to cut away all the damaged and unrepairable edges, all the while maintaining or even improving your photo’s composition with the help of several grid overlays like the Golden Ratio, the Rule of Thirds, and many others. 

Then, this old photo restoration software has an array of retouching tools. These tools do a wonderful job of erasing or seamlessly concealing defects and flaws that are the inevitable imprints of time. You can recreate missing chunks of images with the Patch tool, an easy-to-use instrument capable of, well, patching up larger defects. The Clone stamp is great for removing rips and stains - it copies pixels from a clean donor area and places them over the defect. The Healing brush is a true saver when it comes to finer creases and wrinkles. Admittedly, all these tools might be somewhat subpar to those you can find in Photoshop in terms of responsiveness and overall control. But nonetheless, they get the job done, requiring little time to grasp them.

Color me bright  

Have you ever heard the term AI-powered software? Well, that is what PhotoGlory is, and there is no better way to demonstrate this fabled AI than with the automatic colourisation feature. It only takes a click to turn your greyscale picture into a full colour image. The neural network inside PhotoGlory has been trained to recognise objects in the picture and find matching shades for them.  

If the colouring result isn’t perfect (after all, it is an AI, and not a human with a keen eye), there is a manual colouring feature. You only have to pick a shade and brush over whichever part of your old picture you want to modify. It’s like a colouring book, but digital - enchanting and frankly quite captivating.

In case your old photo is already coloured, but clearly lacks the juiciness and brightness it once had, PhotoGlory comes with an array of ways to fix that problem. First, there are dozens of 3D LUT presets that allow you to play with the colour palette and overall atmosphere of your pictures. Then, PhotoGlory offers old-school manual adjustments of saturation, contrast, as well as colour balance with intuitive sliders. 

There’s more to try

There is actually a lot more to PhotoGlory than repairing defects and colorisation. With this software, you can also reduce unsightly grain to make your old image clearer, add an old-fashioned vignette that would highlight your photo’s retro vibe. There is also a tool to add captions as well as date stamps and a huge library of beautiful filters that can transform the whole look of your photos.

There is a reason PhotoGlory bears this name. On the surface, this is user-friendly software to restore old photos. But underneath it, this program has been designed for a bigger, more important purpose - to preserve your family legacy in all its glory. This goes far beyond simple scratches repair and lets you introduce your archive to the digital age. Paper photos fade and wither, along with your memories of the people and the events. But with PhotoGlory you can make your family archive last forever. So don’t waste any more time, especially since the vendor is now offering a coupon that you can use to buy PhotoGlory with a great discount.