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23 January 2019
Nick-Barrat-62552.jpg Nick Barratt
Understanding the real-life value of our own personal archives


Understanding the real-life value of our own personal archives

Dr Nick Barratt will be speaking on ‘Before I forget - family history in the digital age’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Dr Nick Barratt’s talk:

Investigate the challenges of preserving our memories in the digital age, and explore the possible benefits that a proactive approach might provide. Intrigued? Dr Nick Barratt will explain the importance of caring for our personal history, the impact it can have on our health, and the value it can pass down to future generations.


Dr Nick Barratt writes:

The digital revolution is changing the way we communicate and record our lives. Digital content has replaced the physical personal archive that people once used to create. Now we have blogs instead of diaries, emails instead of letters, uploaded images instead of photo albums… In the light of this I believe we really need to think about our digital legacy and the preservation of family memories for future generations, especially in a fluid, mobile society.

It will enrich our lives, and deepen our relationship with our care network as we get older.


The presentation will also cover how:

  • Emerging evidence shows that active memory curation and research might help prevent dementia
  • End of life planning should involve creating a memory timeline with ‘flashbulb memories’ to help us reconnect with our past
  • Curating a digital personal archive and memory timeline should be as much a part of modern family history as Ancestry or DNA test kits


This talk is for you if you want to explore ways to preserve and pass on your life story, and that of your ancestors, to the future generations.

Suitable for all levels of family history experience.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

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Dr Nick Barratt will be speaking at 10.45 on Saturday 27 April 2019


PLUS Dr Nick Barratt will also be taking part in a discussion panel ‘The future of family history' – with Dr Bruce Durie and Daniel Horowitz. This will be held at 11.30 on Friday 26 April 2019


Mini bio:

Dr Nick Barratt is an honorary associate professor of public history at the University of Nottingham and director of Senate House Library, University of London.


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