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13 March 2019
Michelle-Leonard-03886.jpeg Michelle Leonard
Making the most of your autosomal DNA test

Making the most of your autosomal DNA test


Michelle Leonard will be speaking on ‘Making the most of your autosomal DNA test’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Michelle Leonard’s talk:

Michelle Leonard’s talk will give an overview of how autosomal DNA testing can help you solve mysteries in – and confirm the accuracy of – your family tree.


It will explain how autosomal DNA is inherited and how to use your autosomal DNA results to:

  • find new cousins
  • break down brick walls
  • and verify your paper research


Using personal success stories Michelle will talk you through the process from getting your autosomal DNA results to matching with cousins and offer practical guidance on the best steps to take to succeed. It will also cover the importance of X-chromosome matches and the use of third-party tools. 


This talk is for you if you’ve taken, or you are thinking of taking, an autosomal DNA test.


Suitable for many levels of family history experience - beginner to intermediate.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Michelle Leonard will be speaking at 11am on Saturday 27 April 2019


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Mini bio:

Michelle Leonard of Genes & Genealogy is a Scottish professional genealogist and DNA detective.  She specialises in solving adoption and all manner of unknown ancestor mysteries using DNA but also undertakes traditional genealogical research, living-relative tracing, historical and television research, tutoring, webinars and speaking engagements. Additionally Michelle is a freelance writer and blogger and the official genetic genealogist of www.ancestryhour.co.uk. She is also known for her work identifying WWI soldiers especially with The Fromelles Genealogy Project. She is a regular speaker at major genealogy events and is also one of the co-authors of a brand new book on using DNA for genealogy called "Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA: A Guide For Family Historians" to be released later this year.




Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenealogyLass

Facebook: www.facebook.com/genesandgenealogy

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/michelleleonardgenealogist

AncestryHour: www.ancestryhour.co.uk/michelle-leonard.html

APG: www.apgen.org/directory/search_detail.html?mbr_id=8395


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