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28 January 2019
Mary-Evans-1-35858.png In her talk Mary will be explaining why you shouldn't believe everything you read
Mary Evans will be speaking on ‘Chasing those brickwalls!’ at Family Tree Live

Smash through your brickwalls

Mary Evans will be speaking on ‘Chasing those brickwalls!’ at Family Tree Live.

Introducing Mary Evans’s talk:

A look at the various ways in which you can tackle those brickwalls and how you can develop your research skills in the process.


At any stage of your research it is possible to come up against a seemingly unsolvable family history puzzle. In her talk Mary Evans will cover steps and strategies you can put in place to help you smash through this research brickwall.


Her presentation will cover:

• how to analyse details such as names, dates, occupations and places

• how to look at the records with fresh eyes

• how to weigh up the evidence you do have to find solutions to your brickwalls.


This talk is for you if you wish to learn new research skills so that you can smash through your family history brickwalls and take your research further back.

Suitable for many levels of family history experience.

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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Mary Evans will be speaking at 10.45am on Friday 26 April 2019.


Mini bio:

Mary Evans is a retired teacher with a special interest in dyslexia. She has been researching her family tree for more than 30 years, has contributed to research on TV series Who Do You Think You Are? and Julian Fellowes' Great Houses. Mary is a regular contributor to Family Tree and is also a tutor in the online Family Tree Academy course, Smash Through Your Brickwalls.


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