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22 January 2019
Julie-Goucher-59755.jpg Julie Goucher
What does your surname mean?


What does your surname mean?

Julie Goucher will be speaking on ‘Introduction to surname research and one-name studies’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Julie Goucher’s talk:

We all have surnames, yet how many of us focus on them, expanding our knowledge?

In her talk Julie Goucher will look into surname research in greater depth, and show you how a greater understanding of your surname may enrich your family history.

A One-Name Study is the ideal way to research the history of your name in more detail and with greater accuracy – and to keep your research findings more organised too.

Julie Goucher’s talk will begin with understanding what a One-Name Study is and exploring surnames and their histories. In the talk Julie Goucher will also look at the core record sets you’ll need to research your surname. Finally she will show you the skills you need to analyse your findings so that you can draw conclusions, focus on surname distribution and track the migration of your family name.


This talk is for you if you’d like to research your surname in detail and unlock new information about your family history

Suitable for many levels of family history researcher.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Julie Goucher will be speaking at 12.15 on Saturday 27 April 2019

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Mini bio:

Julie Goucher has been a family historian for 25 years. Author and presenter with a passion for European surnames. Trustee of the Guild of One-Name Studies and Pharos Tutor.

Blog - anglersrest.net

Twitter - @Julie Goucher 


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