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27 January 2019
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Jonny Perl will be speaking on ‘Introducing DNA Painter’ at Family Tree Live

Learn about DNA Painter: the chromosome mapping tool

Jonny Perl will be speaking on ‘Introducing DNA Painter’ at Family Tree Live

Introducing Jonny Perl’s talk:

Come and learn about DNA Painter – the tool to help you get more insights from your DNA test results, with DNA Painter creator Jonny Perl.


DNA Painter is a website that aims to make the best use of your matches for genealogical research.


Chromosome mapping involves taking the precise segments of DNA that you share with a match and inferring which ancestor was the source of this DNA. As well as being a fascinating puzzle, this process can help you identify new matches more efficiently.


This presentation will explain the site's chromosome mapping features in detail, and will also introduce the tools that can be used to help predict the relationship you have with your match based on the amount of DNA shared.


This talk is for you if you’ve taken a DNA test and now wish to broaden your genetic research horizons.


Suitable for many levels of DNA researcher.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Jonny Perl will be speaking at 2pm on Saturday 27 April 2019.


Mini bio:

Jonny Perl is a genealogist, DNA enthusiast and web developer based in London.

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He is the creator and founder of – an award-winning web application for chromosome mapping. Jonny has also collaborated with leading genetic genealogists to create other popular tools that help people around the world interpret the results of their autosomal DNA tests.


Jonny’s passion is in exploring new ways of visualising DNA and family tree information to help make it more inviting and user-friendly.


Born in Belfast, Jonny has family roots in Ireland, England and Germany.


Find out more about Jonny’s work at:


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