Is your name Mary or Rose? Enjoy free entry to the Mary Rose Museum on anniversary day


10 October 2023
Mary Rose Pettefer © Matthew Clark for the Mary Rose Museum
11 October 2023 marks the 41st anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose. To celebrate, the Mary Rose Museum will be granting free entry to anyone bearing the name Mary or Rose.

This year not only marks 41 years since the world held its breath as the Mary Rose was raised from the seabed, but also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the famous ship going on display to the public for the first time, in October 1983.

Visitors to the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will be transported back in time as they explore the many thousands of incredible artefacts discovered within the hull, each piece telling a unique story of the lives of the Tudor sailors on board 500 years ago. 


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All those named Mary or Rose are especially encouraged to seize this unique opportunity – letting their first name be their passport to embark on a complimentary historic journey. Mary Rose Pettefer (pictured) is one such person. She said: 'It’s been incredible to get up close to the Mary Rose and see her in all her glory. It has always felt very special to share my birth date, October 11th 1982, with the day of her raising. It was therefore a very fitting tribute for my parents to name me Mary Rose given the significance of the event, which many people still talk about and remember fondly to this day.” 

People wanting to take advantage of this offer just need to come along on 11 October with their photographic ID (either passport, driving licence or ID card), with no need to book in advance. Entry times to the Mary Rose Museum are 10am - 4:45pm (last entry). For more information, visit the Mary Rose Museum website.