Is family history good for you? If so, how?


11 August 2023
How might a knowledge of the past help us live better lives? In which ways might it help you and your loved ones find peace, happiness and confidence? We'd really LOVE to hear your thoughts - on the topic of genealogy and well-being ...

Many people will be familiar with the New York Times article from 2013 that explains the idea that a knowledge of the wider family (ie, the preceding generations) gives children a marked sense of resilience in the face of adversity - surely something to be cherished in today's world (you can read the NYT article here). Many of us, too, may have come across the memories workshops run by care homes for those in later years finding the present harder to recall. These are just two of the numerous and dramatics ways in which family histories can be utilised to help us live more rewarding and fulfilled lives today.

What do you think?

We don't just want to preach to the converted (if you're reading this page you are very likely already a keen family history fan); we'd like to learn what you actually think. We'd love to discover the role that family history plays in your life. If you have the time, please do fill in our feedback form - click here.

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What do others think?

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