How to find your roots through your own DNA journey


08 November 2019
Curious what your DNA could tell you about your roots? Read our 5 free must-reads to learn more 

Have you been inspired by the ITV show, Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey in which the celebrity best friends embark on an emotional family history journey across the world? 

The Geordie favourites star in their own two-part genealogy special on ITV, which sees them uncover emotional ancestral tales and a bunch of relatives they never knew they had, on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 November 2019.

You are in the perfect place to discover how to turn your interest into a rewarding experience, as we show you how to start delving into your own ancestral roots by taking a DNA test.

Essential DNA guides

Check out our 5 guides below and you’ll soon be on route to discovering your ancestral roots through genetic genealogy.

1 Top 10 reasons to do a DNA test for family tree research 

2 How to choose the best DNA test 

3 I’ve done a DNA test, now what? 

4 Why you should ask older relatives to take a DNA test 

5 5 reasons to contact your DNA matches 

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Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey

Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey airs on ITV (UK) at 9pm on 10 and 11 November 2019. Don’t worry if you are reading this after the event and missed the two episodes – if you are in the UK, you can catch up with your viewing for a short period on the ITV Hub.


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(Image by Vlad Bagacian at Unsplash)

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