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Find out where you really come from with a Living DNA Kit for just £89

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See your world differently...

With a simple cheek swab, a Living DNA test we will reveal your ancestry from around the world, providing exceptional regional detail. Many people have used this opportunity to travel to their ancestral homelands!

Using your DNA, this test will show you your recent family ancestry, covering up to 15 generations, and your deep ancestry with Motherline and Fatherline (if male) results. It can predict how you are related to direct matches and take you back up to 13 degrees to connect you with matches who you share no DNA with today.

STEP 1: Purchase your DNA Kit here from us

STEP 2: Take the simple DNA mouth swab, pop it in the post using our free returns bag

STEP 3: Living DNA will send you an email when your results are ready, you can then view them in your secure online portal. Now you're ready to find out where you're from!

Your Data & Results

Living DNA will never share your data with anyone else without your permission. All your data is secure and confidential.
You can delete your data whenever you want.

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