How do you like to share your family history?


23 July 2021
We are interested in exploring ways in which we can help family historians share and publish their family history and research and we are currently thinking of useful ways in which we might be able to develop the Family Tree website into a useful tool to help you do this. We would be delighted if you could take the time to answer our survey below. Thank you!

Sharing & publishing your family history

  • Do you like to make beautiful photo books, or print out narrative reports of your family history research?
  • Do you like to create family tree charts for each of your children and grandchildren?
  • Or do you like to share your discoveries via a blog, or collaborate with other family members via your online family trees?

There are so many ways to share our family histories. We'd like to find out what you enjoy doing already and ways in which you might like to share your family history in the future.

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This survey is from the team at Family Tree magazine UK.

Photo by Raj Rana on Unsplash