Gibraltar votes to remain a British dependency - On this day in history


10 September 2016
10-September-11199871064_2412b528a2_z-02621.jpg A view of the Rock of Gibraltar
The people of Gibraltar voted to remain a British dependency on 10 September 1967

On this day in history, 1967: the people of Gibraltar vote to remain a British dependency, rather than become part of Spain.

This tiny densely populated island is just 2.6 square miles, with a population of 30,000 people, and has been a British territory – first since the Anglo-Dutch forces captured it from the Spanish in 1704, during the War of the Spanish Succession – and fully since the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht ceded it entirely to the British. It’s been a valuable territorial gain, proving strategically advantageous in the Battle of Trafalgar and during the Second World War for instance – the location of the island being at the ‘entrance’ to the Mediterranean Sea.

The earliest Gibraltar census dates from 1753, and it records a population of 434 British, 185 Spaniards, 25 Portuguese, 575 Jews and 597 Genoese. If you wish to make a start with researching ancestors in Gibraltar check out the birth and baptism index free online at (covering the years 1704 to 1876). Many British soldiers were garrisoned on the Rock over the years – perhaps you have a Gibraltar ancestor connection yourself. If so, we’d love to hear.

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Pictured: A view of the Rock of Gibraltar.