FT Academy November 2023: the answers


23 October 2023
Find the answers below to the beginner, intermediate and advanced questions, and the thinking-outside-the-box challenge, that Family Tree Academy Tutor David Annal set in the November 2023 issue of Family Tree.


John Osbertus Truman junior was aged 26 at the time of the 1871 census. Can you find a record of his birth using the GRO index?

DEC 1844

John Osbertus Truman

Lambeth 4 228

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John (Osbertus) Truman’s wife is listed in the 1871 census returns as Mary. What was her full name at birth?

‘Mary’ was born as Gertrude Mary Grimsey in Hadleigh, Suffolk on 27 February 1825. Her father also went by the name Hassell or Hazel and her marriage to John is also entered under the name Hasell in the GRO index (SEP 1843, Cosford district).


In December 1825, in the middle of a financial crisis, a meeting of the “Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood of Evesham” was held at the Town Hall “to consider the best method of re-establishing Public Credit and Confidence as the only means to prevent the ruin of numerous Individuals”. Edward Dyson attended the meeting, along with which three other men named in our case study?

A report on the meeting was published in the Worcester Journal of 29 December 1825, listing the names of 95 men who attended. As well as Edward Dyson, we can recognise the names of William Barnes and of William Moulting’s two sons-in-law, William Smith and Thomas Murrell.

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