Find your postal worker ancestors for free


01 February 2024
A new tool from the ‘Addressing Health’ project allows users to access fascinating details about the working lives of Victorian and Edwardian postal worker ancestors.

Addressing Health Mapper is a tool to present and share data generated by the Addressing Health project. The three-year project is exploring the health of UK postal workers in the late 19th and early 20th century. It uses information about sickness-related absences and retirement derived from pension records and other sources of evidence.

Researchers are exploring epidemiological (disease related) patterns of sickness, taking into account the characteristics of time, place and the individual to show how health outcomes changed over the decades and could vary from place to place.

The project is funded by a Wellcome Collaborative Award in Humanities and Social Science and is a collaboration between King’s College London, Kingston University, University of Derby and University College London, in partnership with The Postal Museum.

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