Family Tree Academy April 2024: the answers


07 March 2024
Find the answers below to the beginner, intermediate and advanced questions that Family Tree Academy Tutor David Annal set in the April 2024 issue of Family Tree.


Follow the link here to the 1871 edition of Lloyd’s Register and find the entry for the Cutty Sark.

What was the name of the Cutty Sark’s master and what was the destination of her voyage that year?

Answer: The Cutty Sark’s master was called Moodie. The ship, famously, sailed from London to China.

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William Bridgen was born in Bideford, Devon, in the early 1790s. Using the Register of Seamen’s Tickets can you find out in what year he first went to sea? And what was the nature of the injury that William had suffered?

Answer: William first went to sea in 1806. According to the details recorded about William, he had “lost five joints of fingers right hand”.


Find the entry in the Register of Seamen’s Tickets for John Armstrong, born Howden, Northumberland in the late 1780s. Using the National Archives’ Research Guide here can you work out the significance of the number 75 recorded in the coded details for each of the journeys undertaken by John in 1845? What was John’s ‘rank’?

Answer: 75 is the code for the port of Newcastle. Armed with this information it should be possible to find the crew lists relating to these voyages. John was a ship’s carpenter. This is indicated by the abbreviation Cr at the top of the column relating to the three voyages.

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