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25 January 2019
Eric-Probert-AdoptionTitle-73997.jpg Discover how to research adoptions and birth parents
Eric Probert will be speaking on ‘Adoption in England and Wales’ at Family Tree Live

How to research adopted children and birth parents

Eric Probert will be speaking on ‘Adoption in England and Wales’ at Family Tree Live

Introducing Eric Probert’s talk:

In his talk Eric Probert will illustrate how to research adoption in the family using case studies, exploring the surviving records, and discussing the procedures necessary to identify birth parents and adopted children.


Eric Probert will consider the reasons leading to adoptions and the clues you might come across indicating adoption.


He will also examine:

• the sorts of records you may across, and where you need to look for them

• the organisations, including Children's Homes, that created the adoption records

• the adoption agencies, which help people to trace birth families.


Finally his talk will show you how to try to find birth parents and adopted children, and he will explain how to apply for an adoption certificate.


This talk is for you if you are adopted or have family members who are effected by adoption, as birth children or parents, or if you wish to learn about this important aspect of family history (so that you can help others who may come across adoption in their family trees).


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Suitable for many levels of family history experience, beginner to intermediate.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Eric Probert will be speaking at 14.30 on Friday 26 April 2019.


Mini bio:

A Society of Genealogists Fellow, Eric has researched family history since the 1980s, contributed to magazines as an author and editor and presented talks on various topics.


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