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13 March 2019
Simon-Wills-31013.jpg Simon Wills
How to research shipwrecked ancestors in WW1

How to research shipwrecked ancestors in WW1


Dr Simon Wills will be speaking on ‘Shipwrecked in the First World War’ at  Family Tree Live


Introducing Dr Simon Wills’s talk:

Finding out about ancestors who died at sea in WW1 or became prisoners of war after being attacked at sea.


Dr Simon Wills writes:

Crews of passenger ships and cargo vessels were lost in their tens of thousands in WW1. In this presentation I will explain the various methods by which British ships were lost in the First World War. I will also look at the options available to help you research the lives and deaths of those affected, whether they died at sea or became prisoners of war.


This talk is for you if you have an ancestor who served in the Merchant Navy, or if you are simply interested in maritime history

Suitable for many levels of family history researcher, beginner to intermediate


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

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Dr Simon Wills will be speaking at 16.00 on Saturday 27 April 2019


Mini bio:

Dr Simon Wills is a genealogist, writer, and author of nine books – several about maritime subjects. Contributor to many family history magazines including Family Tree, and expert adviser to the TV series WDYTYA?


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