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26 January 2019
Dr-Gillian-Draper-21898.jpg Dr Gillian Draper
Dr Gillian Draper will be speaking on ‘Researching the history of children's and family lives’ at Family Tree Live

How to research the history of children’s and families’ lives

Dr Gillian Draper will be speaking on ‘Researching the history of children’s and family lives’ at Family Tree Live

Introducing Dr Gillian Draper’s talk:

The talk has two strands, outlining some well-known and lesser-known online and print sources for history of household, family and children, 16th to mid-20th centuries.


In addition to researching the history of children, in her talk Dr Gillian Draper will also be exploring how to enthuse and help children to learn about the history of schooling, travel, and Victorian housing (from servants to cess-pits and privies!). Children encounter local history at all key stages of the national curriculum and the talk will provide examples of ways to investigate these areas, using examples from across England.


The presentation will therefore be of interest to family and local historians, parents and grandparents, and new teachers and undergraduates.


This talk is for you if are keen to learn about childhood, domestic and local history – and are keen to inspire a love of history in the children of today.


Suitable for many levels of family history and local history experience.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

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Dr Gillian Draper will be speaking at 10.45 on Saturday 27 April 2019.


Mini bio:

Local and family history interact in many ways. Dr Gill Draper is an experienced speaker on this from her background in teaching adults in higher and adult education for a number of years. Find out more here.


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