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01 October 2014
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Today is a very special day. Our November 2014 issue has gone on sale, marking 30 years of Family Tree. Happy birthday to us and

Today is a very special day. Our November 2014 issue has gone on sale, marking 30 years of Family Tree. Happy birthday to us and thank you to all of you lovely readers for your loyal support!

Family Tree has a unique history as it was Britain’s first commercially available hobby magazine for family historians and genealogists, so a real trail-blazer. Family Tree Magazine, as it was then known, made its debut in November 1984, after being put together by Michael and Mary Armstrong on a dining-room table in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire using a Brother typewriter.

Today Family Tree remains the UK’s only independent magazine sold in the newstrade for family historians and genealogists. Run by a small team who are passionate about family history, we are still based in the little town of Ramsey but have a worldwide readership.

We’re hugely proud of our roots and feel honoured to still be supporting family historians with their (and our!) much-loved genealogy pursuits.

Helen Tovey, editor of Family Tree, said: “Readers’ letters from our earliest days reveal that family historians were delighted to have a hobby magazine. It unified them and gave them a voice and a place to share their discoveries and knowledge in the pre-internet age.

“Thirty years on and we’re proud of our heritage. We’re still a small, independent publisher owned by the same family, universally trusted and respected in our field.

“Our strengths lie in our roots and our friendly, forward-thinking outlook, as we embrace all the advances the digital age brings for genealogists.”

She added: “For our readers, we’re still the place to go to share and discover family history stories, learn new research skills and keep up to date with the very latest developments in the world of family history.’

Our special anniversary issue includes giveaways galore, 30-minute ideas for quick family-history fixes, genealogy software reviews, a timeline to the First World War on the Home Front, advice on how best to collaborate with fellow researchers, plus all the old favourites such as Dear Tom, Diane Lindsay, diary dates, news and reviews.

You can download a digital copy right now, or find out more about what’s inside here.

FT birthday mug

I've just received the 30th Birthday magazine in the post today, and I have to say WOW! I think it's one of your best-ever issues. Fantastic articles by some great writers on a wide range of topics - helpful research tips, interesting background information, and suggestions for lesser-used sources, as well as all the usual features. Well done, birthday congratulations, and please keep up the good work!

Deborah Hart Stock via Facebook

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I can't believe it was 30 years ago Family Tree Magazine started. Thanks for all the support you have given the genealogy world, where you lead others follow.

Guy Etchells via Forum

I have had a subscription for about three years now. I love it cover to cover... The magazine is about worn out by the time I look through it so many times.

Mary Schutz via email

What I really enjoy about Family Tree is the diversity of information you provide, from how laws affected our ancestors’ lives through to Twiglets. You can always find something of interest.

Glyn Scally via email

Congratulations to Family Tree on your 30th birthday! I have been reading the magazine for many years – always lively, always interesting and always has a titbit somewhere that aids my own research. I particularly enjoy Diane Lindsay’s column and Twiglets – long may they continue.

Heather Redfearn via email

I never cease to be amazed at the range of subjects in every issue of Family Tree magazine. I read every issue from cover to cover.

Mike (surname not supplied) via email

I am delighted and very impressed with the sheer volume of resources you have supplied! I had absolutely no idea there were so many places to look. Congratulations on your magazine. I find it extremely interesting and informative – it certainly opens a new world.

Heather Beech via email

I love the knowledge of your contributors, and, even though I’ve been reading for nearly 25 years, there is still something interesting to find out about, or a source I hadn’t thought of.

Ann Ball via email

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