Call for improved access to public records


18 January 2023
At an event on 18 January, the Archives and Records Association and the Information and Records Management Society launched the Campaign for Records – Democracy and Rights in the Digital Age.

The event was hosted at Portcullis House in Westminster by Chris Evans MP, chair of the APPG Archives and History on behalf of the Information and Records Management Society and the Archives and Records Association.

The Campaign for Records highlights the need for better records management in public life and calls for more resources, modern law, better regulation and improved freedom of information and access to public records. 

The campaign centres upon the premise that there needs to be proper investment into the recordkeeping sector and its work. 

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Reynold Leming, Chair of IRMS said: ‘We must invest in record keeping and archives now. This will support the work of government and its suppliers, ensure that evidence is maintained for production during inquiries on a range of issues and protect the rights of individuals. It will also preserve our history and ensure that we do not enter an information Dark Age. Archives hold the collective memory of a nation and it is no fluke that they are regularly targeted in modern conflicts, as sadly seen in Ukraine. We are seeking, via this campaign, to gain the necessary financial and intellectual investment to support and foster the recordkeeping profession. This will deliver transparency, accountability and the protection of history.’

 You can find out more about the campaign at Campaign for Records.